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Massage is body work undertaken by trained therapists to relieve pain and tension caused by everyday activities, work, posture and sports. At Rangeview Massage Therapy we believe that massage can be beneficial for everybody and we are committed to providing personalised service to produce the best results for all our clients.

Remedial Massage

Usually used to treat a condition, remedial massage works with muscles and other soft tissues of the body to ease the pain and discomfort of injuries and strains. Incorporating deep tissue and trigger point therapy among other techniques, this treatment allows the muscles to function and perform at optimum levels, aiding recovery and promoting more complete healing.


Based on the principle that certain parts of the body reflect the whole, reflexology points are found on the feet, hands and ears. Therapists stimulate these points to re-establish healing energy flows, clearing blockages resulting in overall better health and well being.

Sports Therapy

We provide sports massage therapy for pre and post event therapy as well as regular sports training. We can help prepare muscles and joints minimising the risk of injury and assisting in peak performance. We will work with physiotherapists and other practitioners providing treatment that aid the recovery of injuries and promote rehabilitation.
We take care of athletes from all sporting disciplines including rugby, football, soccer, netball and more.

Personalised service for the best results

Relaxation Massage

A wide range of relaxation therapies are offered at Rangeview Massage Therapy to help take away the stress of everyday life and deal with the build up of tension that can lead to a range of health issues. We can help with the release of pressure points and generally stimulate energy flows to help you relax and feel revitalised.

Dry Needling Consultants

Dry Needling is a safe and effective technique to treat musculoskeletal symptoms and conditions. It is combined with remedial massage to effectively restore healthy function by inserting a steralised needle into the muscle tissue and releasing the tension.

Pregnancy Massage

We love treating and supporting expectant mothers and use a safe belly pillow to relieve her pain and discomfort.  A safe blend of beautiful aromatherapy oils are used, ensuring she feels relaxed and nurtured.

Baby Massage Workshops

Want to learn the art of baby massage? Express love and care for your baby through the power of touch. Massage is a beautiful and enjoyable way to enhance bonding as well as support their health and wellbeing.

For convenient payment HICAPS is available on our premises so you can claim your health insurance rebates for remedial massage immediately and conveniently.

It is the combination of our leading edge massage treatments and our friendly and understanding staff that have built our impressive industry reputation. Talk to us today about your treatment options.

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