Baby Massage Workshops

Want to learn the art of baby massage? Express love and care for your baby through the power of touch. Massage is a beautiful and enjoyable way to enhance bonding as well as support their health and wellbeing.

Why Learn Baby Massage

Research shows that there are many benefits of massage for parents and their babies.

Massaging Your Baby Will:

  • Promote precious bonding and emotional connection. Baby massage has been practised for centuries as an essential way to bond.
  • Help you and your baby relax, which in turn helps your baby to sleep better (so you can finally get some too).
  • Promote your baby’s cognitive development.
  • Help you understand your baby’s cues and communication.
  • Help improve your baby’s digestion and settle the tummy. Can aid in colic and reflux.

What You Can Expect at Our Workshops

During the class, your certified instructor will perform the massage on a life-size doll while you relax and follow the steps with your baby.
Our classes are typically between 60-90 mins and paced to allow for nappy changing, feeding or settling your baby if needed.

In the class you will learn:

  • The benefits of massage and how it can promote bonding and help with development, communication and understanding cues.
  • The various infant massage techniques and how they can help with sleep, tummy upsets and more.
  • When and how long to massage.
  • The best oils to use for your baby’s delicate skin.
  • Relaxation techniques which will help promote better sleep.

Great Value!

Please contact us about pricing. We offer classes or private sessions.
This valuable investment is designed to be small to ensure high-quality support is provided. You’ll also have the opportunity to meet other parents, share experiences and learn from each other while having fun.

Get in touch to learn baby massage

Learning the art of baby massage is easy. Please contact us today to find out when the next available workshop is.

For convenient payment HICAPS is available on our premises so you can claim your health insurance rebates for remedial massage immediately and conveniently.

It is the combination of our leading edge massage treatments and our friendly and understanding staff that have built our impressive industry reputation. Talk to us today about your treatment options.

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